Wolfgang Ellenberger, medical doctor and concert pianist

foto: oneSHOOT.info

Allow me to introduce myself with my resume.

Short version:
After my medical degree (parallel to my medical studies I made a diploma in classical piano)
I worked as a free lance concert pianist for 18 years. (client list!)
The general economy situation forced me to go back to medicine, I did half a year as medical doctor in a psychiatry department of a big hospital doing also music therapy.
Then I could manage to make the cross-over step to the medical software business.

From December 2000 until February 2004 I have worked for www.Calcucare.com a 100 % daughter of http://www.fresenius-ag.com as TTT TrainTheTrainer (see details below). See report.

Later several medical jobs see resume MED.==============================================================================================================

1) Software knowledge 

  • Microsoft
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Visiow
    • Frontpage 2000 (webmaster of several small organisations in the little company of my wife)
    • follow-up product Microsoft Web Express
    • Publication of several CMS-Webs with WordPress
    • first experience with Microsoft Project
    • basic knowledge of MicrosoftAccess (can be specialized fast)
  • Other professional Programs
    • Graphics: Corel Draw
    • Audio: Digital studio-software Cakewalk Professional
    • Video:
      • simple Video-software
      • Camtasia Screencorder
    • eBook Pro to create eBooks from a Web page
    • Mailloop Business Automation software
    • Lexware Quicken financial software
    • WISO-Mein-Geld financial software
    • FINALE professional music notation software (fingering edition from piano solo up to an opera partition with 25 systems)
    • Peregrine Systems Quality management systems
    • Remote Admin
    • a bit of experience with Linux, handling of an own Root-server with web hosting.
    • OpenOffice
    • Performance of live-streaming over the internet in HD for events like recitals and an entire opera production.

2) Additional education:

InternetMarketing-course of the american internet marketing “guru” Corey Rudl
with business automation and online-payment by credit card.
Currently running online business for the association with a Web Shop www.Ellenberger.biz .

PR-management training at the IHK (chamber of commerce) Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

Siemens Business Services: network administrator and relational databases.

3) Activities as editor:

For a Würzburg newspaper “Main-Post” I have written music critics for several years.
In  Editions department I have done CDs, Culture-films, Music sheets and a little culture-book edition.
  • Audio recordings:
    • Audio technique (produced all phases of an audio production on my own)
    • Graphics (Label, logo, booklet with CorelDraw)
    • Production (ordering, handling with factory, data transfer by ISDN) of 8 own CDs
    • Marketing (sales directly at recital to online-sales with credit card.)
  • Films:
    • Own productions with S-VHS camera+ HD Camera
    • TV-Production on my own at “Open channel” Kiel/Germany, was broadcasted several times.
    • TV-Broadcasting entire opera Magic Flute production in “Offener Kanal Ludwigshafen”
    • Cooperation with other partners like MediMedia, who made a trailer in the medical field about my institution.
    • From idea, conception over music sheet production (opera partition with 25 systems), conducting production and sales
      VHS-Videocassette Reduction of the romantical Opera “Hänsel und Gretel” by Englbert Humperdinck for music schools.
    • production of 8 DVDs including BluRay-Discs
    • http://www.youtube.com/user/WolfgangEllenberger#grid/user/8B5F1A553FFB884D entire playlist Magic Flute
  • Musik sheets
  • Book
    • several months working at a copy center and known several printing systems
    • Publishing of paperback books
    • Publishing of tri-lingual eBooks with professional software “eBook Pro”.
      Including business automation with eBook code and delivery.
      Another example of an eBook: TravelDiary.

4) Didactical experience

since age 11 I had been teaching all school subjects privately.
since age 18 teaching piano and bringing to music academy many students.
From 1991 to 2000 over 30 piano master classes for medical doctors who came from all over Germany
From December 2000 until today working as TTT TrainTheTrainer for medical software international in english, italien, spanish, german.
Made power-Point presentations, a training web and Visio files.
Multi-Mediality is standard for me.
I have given a live-recital in the internet and presented a tele-recital system PianoLink on the music trade show Frankfurt.Worked as TTT TrainTheTrainer at www.Calcucare.com for 3 years.

In the last time I have been collecting experience with an online conference system VoiceCafe by Optecs,
which has a range of products from a simple “VoiceCafe” (Audio-conference with 5 participants for less than 15 $ per month!)
up to the VideoMaster including Video live stream of 9 speakers and up to 500 audio participants. This is innovative for teaching or discussion among some leaders with audience!

To organize meetings in this way can save a lot of expenses…
As you can see I like to work internationally with my languages and I like travelling.
Often I have worked also as an interpreter live and at court.
  • German (mother language, medical degree)
  • English (perfect, medical terminology)
  • Italian (perfect, medical terminology)
  • French (fluently)
  • Spanish (fluently, medical terminology)

Since I travelled a lot at the Fresenius company I created a web portal in my free time. Sort of a follow-up of my piano master classes -over 30 courses from 1991 to 2000-  for medical doctors: I enlarged the point of view to ALL hobbies and included ALL health care professions as there are a) medical doctors, b) dentists, c) veterinarians and d) pharmacists.Getting more and more traffic and good reporting by the “World Medical Journal”, “Deutsches Ärzteblatt” and the “Ärztezeitung” shows that there has been a need for such a unique portal. There is no such thng in the entire web.

One essential background is to use the traffic for online-marketing in any form.
For a medical company like yours operating world-wide I would even propose an innovative marketing conception
which could be realized at a minimum cost for a maximum output in the entire health care section.

6) Other professional experiences:

Experiences in professions as:

Medical doctor, music therapist, taxi driver, waiter, translator, secretary, youth guide, organist, conductor, event manager single concerts up to concert series, congress events up to big events, spedition, editor-publisher, music sheet programmer, seminary and workshop holder (also at music academies and international congresses), artist agency, tournee manager (e.g. Sibirian State Orchestra!), Audio-CD-publisher, Video-producer, newspaper-music-critics, paper-production in printing industry.

7) Innovations:

– New fingering system for piano playing (published in nmz [neue musik zeitung/Germany], now online marketing)
– Fingering edition with special zig-zag-folding technique
– “Relativity Formula Of Piano Playing”, presented on international congresses and in the internet
– world-wide the only person to transport a 630 kg Grand piano all alone even over stairs.
– Invention of a “piano-kipp”-Hydraulic-cylinder, development in the team of Neumeister-Hydraulics,
– Invention of a slide for grand pianos with rolls
– leading in use of computer pianos of all brands
– Invention of a conception “the alternative piano competition®”
– first “quantitative music analysis” in a model experiment of the Sport University Magdeburg/Germany.
– first pianist in Europe to present PianoLink on the Frankfurt Music Trade Show: http://ccc.docwebs.com/pressenr05.htm

If you have any questions, I would be pleased to answer them to you!

Yours sincereley

Wolfgang Ellenberger