Mobile piano as hand luggage

Pianist with Grand Piano as Hand Luggage

gt1-yamaha-prospekt-212x300 at last I have a grand piano as hand luggage again!Thus you can follow your phantasy without limits for your personal events!
Original places up to open-air events (just see a few minutes before the beginning if the weather is fine and change place – nobody can offer that!)I have been playing this reliable instrument for years now and thanks to mfinanz from Heidelberg I have one for tours now.For special events or tours I can provide an acoustic concert grand piano of course.
A true grand in every sense but size, Yamaha’s GranTouchTM combines the incomparable ‘touch’ of the Yamaha grand piano keyboard with amazingly life-like digital tone to capture the true essence of an acoustic grand piano in an elegantly compact, lightweight design.
Real grand piano keyboard and action

  • The Yamaha grand piano keyboard and action offer a solid, natural touch and unsurpassed expressive control—far superior to that of most digital pianos.
  • Sophisticated optical sensors at every key instantly convert keystrokes into digital data. Grand models use a combination of key and hammer sensors to capture every expressive nuance of the grand piano. Sensors operate on beams of light, so there is no mechanical interference with the touch or response of the keyboard.
  • Piano pedals—sustain and soft pedals for the uprights; sustain, shift and sostenuto pedals for the grands—provide the control of traditional acoustic pianos.
  • Pedal sensors complete the system, ensuring that every action of the pianist is faithfully reproduced.


gt1-sensoren optical sensors measure the movement and the sound card translates it into the sound of a concert grand piano…
Precision Digital Playback for Astounding Acoustic Realism
Yamaha’s continuous-position optical key sensors work with optical hammer speed sensors to deliver impeccable accuracy in timing, dynamics, and the subtlest nuances of play, ensuring that every performance action is faithfully reproduced. A built-in, state-of-art XG tone generator provides hundreds of instrumental and specialty voices that also work with external MIDI equipment for reproducing fully orchestrated concerts.
yamaha-klaviertransport-klavierstueck-14303000103 Superb concert grand sound

  • Digital piano tones are stereo sampled throughout their full range of dynamics and tonal modulation from the Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano.
  • Controllable reverb effects simulate the acoustics of various playing environments.
  • Powerful stereo multi-speaker internal audio systems deliver the sound in all its richness and depth.
  • Grand models only: GranTouch grands use 30 megabytes of memory—far more than standard digital pianos—to reproduce the sound of a grand piano in lifelike detail, even recreating the harmonic resonance on other strings that results from incremental use of the sustain pedal.x
Privacy and other digital advantages

  • Control the volume of live or recorded performance to ensure appropriate sound levels.
  • Play or listen in total privacy by simply plugging in headphones.
  • Fully digital instruments, GranTouch pianos never need tuning, but can easily be adjusted to match the pitch of other instruments. (438-445 Hz in 1-Hz-steps)
  • MIDI and AUX connections offer easy links to other electronic music and audio components.


Elegant, traditional designs

  • Yamaha GranTouch pianos are available in a choice of styles:
    Upright models—compact upright piano styling, slightly smaller and much lighter than a conventional acoustic piano, easier to move and transport.
    GT1 and GT2 grands—traditional beauty at slightly more than half the length and less than half the weight of the smallest Yamaha acoustic grand piano.
    GT7 grand—built within the actual body of a Yamaha A1 acoustic grand, for classic beauty at an accommodatingly compact 149 cm in length.
  • Graceful lines and careful craftsmanship add an air of elegance to any environment.
  • GT2 and GT7 lids can be raised to either of two open positions for extended sound projection and visual appeal.


Unparalleled Opportunities for Musical Creativity and Enjoyment
With an extraordinary integration of musical technologies, the GranTouch offers unsurpassed performance and versatility for virtually limitless playing, learning, and musical possibilities. You can record and play back your performance, or listen to the performances of great artists – reproduced ‘live’ with realistic key movement. You can cancel key movement to play along, change playback tempo or transpose into other keys, or play one hand while the GranTouch plays the other. You can even link the power of the GranTouch to a PC for unlimited song storage capacity, connection to computer software, and access to a world of online music resources.

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Keyboard 88 keys (7 1/4 octaves)
Yamaha grand piano keyboard and action
Pedals Sustain, shift and sostenuto
Sensor System Keys Continuous optical position sensors
Hammers One-beam, two-point optical speed sensors
Pedals Sustain: continuous position sensor
Sostenuto: on/off sensor
Shift: continuous position sensor
Tone Generation Type Digital stereo sampling with sustain pedal resonance effects
Voice Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano
Memory 30 megabyte (wave memory)
Polyphony 32-note stereo
Pitch control 438~445 hertz in 1-hertz steps
Fine tuning in 1.2-cent steps
Reverb Room, Hall 1 (default), Hall 2, with continuous depth control
Other Controls Volume
Power switch with pilot lamp
Demonstration Songs 8
Connectors Headphones x 2
AC Power In
Amplifier 60W x 2
Speakers 3-way system
(16 cm, 10 cm, 2.5 cm) x 2
Power Source Local AC current
Optional Accessory HPE-170 headphones