The post-graduate

LIVE-FROM-MUSIC-Studies at the domicile of CCC

cannot be found at any music academy!
Here you learn cross-over everything what concert pianists need for a distressing professional pianist job. German film:

  •  you are trained with the revolutionary “Relativity Formula of Piano Playing” by Wolfgang Ellenberger
    •  “music programmation directly into the gyrus of the brain
      •  including the best musician secret of the “rhythmic structure”!!!
    •  2-dimensional movement analysis and optimisation
    •  see some limited details
  • build your own artists homepage
  •  internet marketing
    •   building your clients and visitors database
    •  organising your own events ticketing
    •  producing live-stream with your virtual TV-studio ANYwhere
    •  producing your CDs and DVDs all on your own with minimal cost!
    •  selling your CDs and DVDs over the internet with DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION on 40+ famous platforms (SONY, iTunes etc.)
    •  running your own web-shop
    •  with or without youtube? look at Valentina Lisitsa!
  •  your own concert grand piano as hand luggage – ONE-man-logistic-solution covering a continent
  •  contracting risks and traps
  •  aquisition of events
  •  learning COMMUNICATION with music by street-music!
  •  learning a professional notation software for multiple purposes
  •  giving master-classes – organising them…

This post-graduate-study is for pianists who already hold a piano diploma or bachelor. Many more details are being taught.

Testimonial by Kei Oide from Japan (holding a piano diploma and being medical doctor):
“I was very impressed by your lesson because your approach to the practice was completely new for me.You taught me how to solve technical problems in various ways.” (Liszt-Ballade)

One year fee of 12×300 €uro will be payed in advance all inclusive. Beginning at ANY time. (In special cases monthly in advance)
Please communicate directly with Wolfgang Ellenberger to conclude the business
or just book here online:LIVE-FROM-MUSIC-Studies-ONE-YEAR
You can book the Yearly-Fee, begin travel and come. YOUR individual study year counts from the first real session on.

You get a practising grand piano for a low rent so you can study (nearby of the below adress) very easily without problems.