Bösendorfer PianoMusicDocs master-classes in Vienna


(This is how your hands look AFTER the classes – LOL!)

Doctors from Germany and Switzerland get 10 credits for the week-end and can deduct the cost from tax! (See bottom)

Visit our wonderful PianoMusicDocs master-classes in Vienna – being organised by the Bösendorfer company in a unique concept:

PianoMusicDocs are coming from all over Europe and from the United States regularly for a long week-end:

We meet on Thursday night and have a meal whilst playing for each other on a Bösendorfer grand.
ON Friday morning we visit the Bösendorfer piano factory in Wiener Neustadt and get a guided tour through the factory in english and german.
Parallel teaching begins: Each participant gets THREE individual piano lessons so ANY level is welcome!
Friday evening through SUnday morning the teaching continues in the Vienna downtown Bösendorfer shop which is INSIDE the famous Musikvereinssaal.
Sunday afternoon 14:00 hrs final recital in the Bösendorfer Stadtsalon in the famous Musikvereins-Building! Make sure you can stay until 16:00 hrs to get this highlight!

Next dates will be 1st thru 4th November 2018 OR 8th thru 11th November 2018, the confirmation will come about June 2018, so please keep these two week-ends blocked until the decisin is made.

The participants enjoy the intensive cultural life of the Metropole City of Vienna,
some go to the Staatsoper, we visit one of the hype-restaurants of CookDoc Samuel Xie Hong

All informations and booking: www.Boesendorfer.com

Check our youtube account for PianoMusicDocs

Acknowledgement ov credits for Switzerland: