Resume of Ellenberger, Wolfgang
born 01.August 1955 kids Christa Ellenberger *1994, Mia Ellenberger *1995, Marc Ellenberger *2001, Leo Ellenberger *2005, Luna Albrecht 2013


1955 – 1961 Munich, 1961 – 1985 Hamburg, 1986 – 1989 Milano, 1989 – 1996 Würzburg, 1996 – 2000Buchen/Odenwald (north-Baden-Württemberg), 2000-2001 Rendsburg, from 2001 in Buchen, 2011 Switzerland, from 07/2014 near Hamburg/Germany, from 2016 East Switzerland


1966 – 1973

Abitur Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Hamburg-Harburg

1973 – 1977

piano-diplome Musikhochschule Hamburg (Klasse Prof. Eckart Besch)

1974 – 1976

music therapy studies Musikhochschule Hamburg

1974 – 1982

Medical Degree, including internship (University of Hamburg)

1982 – 1984

concert exam piano Musikhochschule Lübeck (class Prof. Conrad Hansen)
2001 TTT TrainTheTrainer workshop Fresenius (DAX)
2004 Siemens Business Services: class for
operating systems and data bases
2005 emergency training for medical doctors Klinik Uffenheim
2004 DEGUM-basic course Sonography at Klinikum Mannheim
2006 80 Stunden Kompaktkurs Notfallmedizin der Landesärztekammer Dresden
2008-02-18 Musiktherapie in der Traumatherapie
2010-02-21 Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga)
2013-06-14 Reiki-Initiation I
2014 Chinese Medicine basic
Languages: German (mother tongue), english, french, italian, spanish

Medical Experiences OVERVIEW:

Internal Medicine

  •  31 months (>two-and-a-half years)
    •  18 months Akut-Krankenhaus Hardheim with emergency service
    •  09 months Geriatric Rehabilitation
    •  04 months Diabetology
    •  02 months specialised pain clinic


3 months


  • Psychosomatic Rehabilitation 50 months
  • 40 months acute-Psychiatry
    •  6 months acute psychiatry including build-up of music therapy dept.
    •  6 months Gerontopsychiatry
    •  15 months department for addictions to substances

The working places in detail:  (CLICK on certificates and links to hospitals)
2000 feb-jul Assistant ND + music therapist district hospital Rendsburg    
2004 Mar-MayAssistant MD in University Hospital Würzburg
2004 Jun-SepAssistant MD surgery Klinik Uffenheim
2004 Oct-June 05 Assistant MD geriatric department Reha-Klinik Uffenheim
July-Oct Assistant MD diabetes center Bad Mergentheim
2005 Nov-Dec Assistant MD Schmerzklinik Arkauwald (pain clinic)
Jan06- 2007 June Assistant Internal medicine Krankenhaus Hardheim
July- 2011 August Department MD Psychosomatische Klinik
Sept11- 2012 Feb Assistant MD 
March – 2013 November Assistant MD Psychiatrische Dienste Solothurn
Dec – 2014 June Assistant MD Psychiatry Fribourg/CH
2014 July – 2014 Dec Occupational medicine RAS center Elmshorn
2015 Jan – July 2016 MVZ am Holstein-Center Itzehoe specialising in GP
2016 August – Oktober medical office Schwarz
2016 November – 2017 Jan  Psychiatric Ambulatorium

from 1973

Music field:

private piano teacher with many successful students, working in several music schools, workshops and master classes in music academies and 30 classes for medical doctors from all over Germany, workshops with computer pianos, conductor of orchestras and choirs.

18 years of free lance work as concert pianist and event manager
see client list!

Conductor: engagements with different orchestras:
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Kemerovo/Sibirien, Eppendorfer Streicherensemble, Hubert-Orchester Bayreuth, Festivalorchester St. Omer/Frankreich, Deutsch-amerikanisches Ärzteorchester, Hamburger Ärzteorchester, Deutsches Ärzteorchester

Recitals international

since 1969 Solo-piano recitals and piano concertos with Orchestras
– at age 14 and 16 with “Hamburger Symphoniker”
USA-Tournee 1982
Dreamship-recitals MS Astor, MS Sagafjord And SS Queen Elisabeth II
– TV: RTL, “antenna 3”, “rete sette”, MDF Magdeburg
– Serial concerts Markgräfliches Opernhaus Bayreuth 1987 – 1989
Serial concerts Residenz Würzburg 1990
Lied accompanist at Liederabende
Chamber music-Recitals
– Maestro atTeatro alla Scala” in Milano 1987 + 1989
“in cartellone” with Raymonda and other Scala-Raymonda
Conductor since 1981, leading several orchestras:

Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Kemerovo/Sibirien, Hamburger Symphoniker, Staatsorchester Lübeck, Eppendorfer Streicherensemble, Hubert-Orchester Bayreuth, Festivalorchester St. Omer/Frankreich, Deutsch-amerikanisches Ärzteorchester (Berlin/Philharmoni, Paris/UNESCO, Genf/UNO, Barcelona/Teatro liceo), Hamburger Ärzteorchester, Deutsches Ärzteorchester, foundation of the first-ever opera company consisting of 80 medical doctors from 15 countries: PDO

Berlin/Philharmonie, Paris/UNESCO, Genf/UNO, Barcelona/Teatro liceo, Würzburg/Residenz, Lübeck/Theater , Milano/Teatro alla Scala, Stuttgart/Wilhelma-Theater, San Francisco/Pier 39, Salt Lake City/Steinway Hall, Lanzarote/Jameos del agua, Mallorca/Valldemossa, Dresden/Canaletto-Innenhof, Hamburg/Friedrich-Ebert-Halle und CCH, Messe Hamburg-Köln-Düsseldorf-Frankfurt, Zwingenberg/Schlossfestspiele.

CDs “Klavierabend” und “inclination”, German-American Doctors Orchestra Friendshipconcert Berlin Philharmony, Liederabend mit Petra Wolf-Perraudin,Herzschlag,Ellenberger bis 1986, 2 MCs,

– world-wide only pianist having Bösendorfer-Imperial concert grand (290 cm/630 kg) as hand luggage with special logistics



IT experiences: 

Dec 2000-Feb 2004 working in  (100 % daughter of Fresenius-AG) as TTT TrainTheTrainer and Project Manager for Roll-Out Italy

Siemens Business Services: class for Operating Systems and networks and relational databases.

User of SAP clinical module as assistant doctor in Würzburg University Hospital.

Congresses, Universities, publications

Relativity formula of Piano Playing” see this web site and the innovative
online piano master-class

Lectures on congresses with examples at the piano


lecturing on 4th und 6th European Congress of Musician Medicine”

“Musikhochschule Hannover” and “Hochschule der Künste, Berlin”

Nov 1996

lecturing on  International Symposion

Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln/Compartment Music und Dance

Expertise of Prof. Hörmann about concept
Relativity Formula of Piano Playing”

Sep 1997


lecturing on  World Congress of Sports “Kinetics ´97” in Magdeburg

Sep 1998

Results presented at Symposion Deutsche Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft in Darmstadt: “Music & Movement”

Mai 1999

Lecture at CREEC-Kongreß in Straßburg “Music & Movement”2000publication experiment “Music – Movement” in Hogrefe-Verlag1989Music Academy Cologne workshop: From Music Therapy until the stage




in “wir experimentieren” about Behaviour of Gold Hamsters

1988 Fingersatzsystem in nmz (neue musik zeitung)
1991Handbuch der Ellenberger-Methode (cartoon about first doctors piano class from participants)
since 1995  Fingering-Edition: about 50 titles with piano music any level
1997 Publication and performance of own adaptation of Opera “Hänsel und Gretel”of Humperdinck for music school Buchen
1997 Travel Diary of a concert grand
1997 “Handbook” of the Ellenberger method with cartoons


Singing, Choir conducting, Operas, good films, international encounters, Multimediality, spiritual world



Another list of IT qualificationsand other….